About Us

Choosing the right Medicare coverage is a difficult and often frustrating process. There are a lot of decision points that most of us have never had to consider. What does Medicare cover? What part covers what? What is my responsibility? The coverage details change every year and the marketplace is crowded with options. But how do you know which is the right choice for you? As a Medicare beneficiary, you have choices. Health Resource Advisors is an independent agency that focuses on helping individuals understand these choices in order to make the right health plan decision.

Health Resource Advisors is an independent brokerage representing a wide variety of individual health insurance products. We focus on health issues of Medicare beneficiaries by helping our clients make the tough choices required to select the right coverage option. With a clear view into the markets we serve, we can map beneficiary needs to the right plan coverage. By considering economic issues and specific clinical needs, we provide our clients the guidance essential to selecting the most appropriate coverage.

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